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Why One Should Consider Selling Diabetic Test Strips


Most people who have diabetes will probably have no idea that they can sell diabetic strips and get cash. Most people will only consider throwing away the extra strips after usage or testing as they have no idea that they can benefit from the sale of the extra strips. Others who may have known about the sale of the pieces may sell strips due to many different reasons.


When most diabetics ought to buy diabetic strips they purchase them through different processes the main one being ordering the strips through emails. The companies that deliver the orders will deliver the strips in excess and at times in extra boxes. When one has the extra strips, they should sell them and recover some funds that they had used in the purchase of the strips. Another common case that will leave one with extra strips is when they change test requirements which will mean they will tend to have good strips in their homes. The doctors may also give the diabetic patient a different prescription or the patients may feel the need to shift from one brand to another. There are other patients who will feel they no longer need to take the tests or in sad incidents, a diabetic patient passes away leaving behind unused strips. Instead of throwing away the strips it is advisable that we consider selling them instead of keeping them or throwing the strips away as it will add no value to our lives.


Selling excess strips will not only reward us financially, but we will be acting to help other diabetic patients who are in need of the strips. Though most dealers that buy the strips will buy them for trading reasons, they go a long way in helping other diabetic patients. Most of the patients that will buy the strips from the dealers are those with a low financial capability and may not afford to buy them from the pharmacies as they do not have insurance coverage. We, therefore, ought to sell extra strips as they will reach those in need of them at a discount.To get more ideas on where to find the best diabetic test strips, go to


For strips to qualify for sale at, they will need to be unused or be in unopened box and should not be past the sell by date. Most dealers will only buy strips that have six months before expiry. Those with less than six months will attract low prices as will those in damaged boxes. Any person in possession of extra diabetes strips should consider selling as a way of helping other diabetic patients directly or indirectly.